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Momo (Tibetan: མོག་མོག་, Wylie: mog mog; simplified Chinese: 馍馍; traditional Chinese: 饃饃; pinyin: mómo,[2] Nepali : म:म) is a type of dumpling native to Tibet, traditionally filled with yak meat and eaten with a variety of sauces. It is similar to Chinese baozi and jiaozi, Mongolian buuz, Japanese gyoza, Turkic mantu and Korean mandu. In Nepal and bordering regions of India, momos are typically filled with ground and seasoned water buffalo meat. Momos are served hot with tomato and sesame sauce usually seasoned with ground peanut, Sichuan pepper (timur), and cilantro.

Welcome to Kathmandu Kitchen and Grill,

We are casual fine dining restaurant, offering authentic Nepali and Indian Cuisine with warm hospitality.  We have a bar that offers all quality beers  and liquor.

Our food is sourced from top quality seasoning, featuring higher percentage of organic products. We offer a wide variety and mix of signature dishes. We consider KTM grill to be a blend of Indian and Nepali cuisines with many different cooking traditions and blend of our creative unique vision.

Our cozy, warm and bright restaurant is a great place to stop by on any day and to celebrate special occasions or  you can have a delicious breakfast, romantic dinner, meet an honourable guest and celebrate personal and business occasions or just chill with your friends.

Please ask us about our Catering Services. We believe in putting 100% towards hospitality.