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Authentic Nepali and Indian Cuisine.


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Being a foodie, We tried all most all of the Nepali and Indian Restaurant in town and then realized they miss that authentic taste to it. 

So After debating a bit, we decided to open our own place that serve the authentic Nepali and Indian food.


Our Specials


This is another result of Chinese Influence in Nepali Culture. Chowein Noodel boiled and stir fried with spices and vieegies/chicken/pork.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken with Tikka Masala.


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Nepali Specialities

Chicken or vegetable
Chicken or Vegetarian or Pork
Meat of choice roasted in natural wood or log fire.

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(678) 732-3449

We are a family style casual place. Walkins are welcome. If you have a larger party please be considerate and make a reservation.

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